Thursday, 27 December 2007

Clips of Chrismas

Left to right: Roger, Andy, Sophie, Katie, Sarah + Rep
The morris family. Rep just look extra chubby here. Rep is panicking with her weight. She haven't been eating healthily! Well actually Rep might want to keep her chubbyness, it's just getting colder and colder in Ipswich! Rep missing beribi.

Katie - Sophie's Mom + Rep.
Katie is just so lurvly. She made Rep felt so VERY welcomed.
Katie made Rep miss her mom so much.

Sarah - Sophie's sister + Rep. Sorting out the puzzle. 1000 tiny pieces!

The Dining table. Whilst others havin' wine, Rep had Shleor - sparkling juice.

Sophie morris + Rep. Rep Lurvin' the fireplace so much.

Chrismas in Cambridge

Rep had chrismas with the Morris family! - sophie, sarah, katie and roger.

Lurvly Sophie invited Rep over to cambridge to experience the traditional chrismas with her family. Rep had such a great time! Rep felt as if she was starring in one of the chrismas movie. Rep had presents from Sophie and Roger... had the traditional roast chrismas meal.. had crackers.. had the fire place lit..They did travia.. puzzle.. sing star and watched finding nemo! It was good fun..

They went out on chrismas eve. Cambridge was jus so awesome at night. It was such a shame Rep didn't get to grab any good photos. Rep's camera was playin' up on her! argghhhh...

On the boxing day, Sophie gave Rep a day tour of cambridge. Cambridge was just gorgeous! mashaallah..

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Reptalia's startin' to blog! Wuhhuuuu~~~

Reptalia?? A nick given by muah lurvly Salma (mamalia)

Many apologies to me fellow beloved family and mates for me absence.

Have been trying for ages to blog, but I dunno It seems that I never have got tyme.. (apology peeps can't think of a better reason.. it's so ME BAD!)

Well anyho in preperation for 2008, I'll try to be good. Keep me beloved peeps outder updated. I'll try to update me blog as often as i can kaysss ~~ ^_^

Lurv u all so much!